With so many endless runners out there, this isn't one of them.  Gameplay goes above and beyond the original "CubeRacer",  a 2d endless runner.  With jumps and platforms and powerups, you can be sure to find something you like.

With 3D gameplay,  "Cube Racer - Border Flight" includes 7 handcrafted levels, each with different obstacles and difficulties. 

While still a WIP, you can be sure to have a blast with this game (hopefully), and feel free to post a comment on any bugs (the screen will display "NaN" as an error).

Hope you guys enjoy!

PS:  Any donations are certainly not mandatory,  but would go a long way in helping me out!  Thanks!



 - Mars Levels are now out -

- Tier 3 Levels are in progress now -

- Some bugs have been squashed, some are still scuttling around. One big one seems to be the ground in the GLWeb player, as it achieves a weird red coloration. I'll see what I can do about that one -

- New "Infinite" game mode is planned, but may not be implemented right away -


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